Thursday, December 31, 2020

cricut projects in 2020

These are 2 round cricut ceramic coasters I did with infusible ink. I cut the design and used both the negative and the positive sides.
I decided to see if infusible ink would go onto wood so I use a board to see if it worked It was quite pale with the yellow so I outlined it in silver pen

The internal door to my craft room needed something so I made a window and now Cricut peeps at me through the window. I used adhesive cricut vinyl.

Elephant Mandala adhesive vinyl on a board from kmart
Decoration inside my maker. Cricut adhesive vinyl again

using infusible ink on a pair of socks
Cat mandala on tee shirt in iron on
when we had lockdown and couldn't go out we were supposed to put bears in the window however I decided to put a panda on the letterbox and have bear hug for trees

making paper flowers again
come ANZAC day I made some large poppies and put one on the post outside on the terrace at the front

Butterfly card a box type card that folds flat for posting
Got some new cups and what better to do than find designs to put on them
Playing with the cricut joy to make labels

making my own design for a joy cut card
Oh the cups I played with with the Cricut shimmer vinyl

Naming bottles so I can work out what is in them
My beautiful granddaughter modeling a cricut Te shirt with infusible ink design on
more infusible ink designs
Infusible ink on socks one is paler than the other due to using an ombre sheet

Oh I can name anything now. Cricut iron on and the minipress are awesome

Small bunny paper sculpture, cut on the cricut machine
playing with the foil transfer paper and tool from cricut. I love it as its pressure activated not heat activated so I dont have to worry about burning my machine or my fingers. Above I did crocces on coffins and below you can see the brickwork for the haunted house I did this yesr

2 Apothecary bottles with lids, made from card stock. The left one has a web design from the cricut foil and the right one has embossing on it. They both have written labels from the cricut.
Cricut design space cauldrons

Playing with black card and the cricut foil again
Christmas advent house. Design By Ru

Pumpkin box
Now having done a small well hes about 8 inches rabbit I decided to do this one. He doesn't come into design space as an svg however with some manipulating I managed o cut him out in design space with my cricut. I didn't realise at first he was going to end up 20 inches high and 22 inches long but he is quite amazing. More pics below

Now its always interesting when I get a thought in my head that someone says you can't do that so with this note book I foiled the brown adhesive vinyl with silver foil to see if it worked and yes it does and it still there.
A card to go with the kitten I gave my granddaughter for christmas. It was made with the joy.
Playing around on design space I found a reindeer and sleigh in 3d so I decided to make it to see what it was like. I used cereal box as i had just finished our Nutrigrain and what better way to recycle and have firm card.
My niece loves eagles so I made this mandala and before Christmas put it on her bedroom door 
This is a box picture frame I designed in esign spave. The grandies wanted picture frames for their parents for christmas so as we couldn't get to town I made them each a frame which they then printed pictures and put in
This is a wine bag from Cricut. I used infusible ink and again I used both the negative and the positive I do hate throwing away any infusible ink its so pretty
Busy before christmas I was given the things Santa bought for the girls so they can tell their things apart Here are their brushes with Cricut textured metallic vinyl using a frame and font from Cricut design space

I had makeup bags and jewelry cases for them as well so here comes the cricut iron on and the mini press. Way to go mini press. 

Now these are seat cushions to alleviate you sore but when sitting on the ground or chairs that are hard. They are awesome to use but which one is mine. I used iron on cricut and the heat press to adhere the vinyl to make these personalised. 
A Tee shirt for a friend of my daughter who felt this was perfect

another cushion
3 reindeer free off a site I go to
Now after making the elephant mandala I decided to write out the words to the song. I downloaded the words and put them in design space to cut. I also did a QR code so the kids could follow along on their devices with a song on youtube. However I found that the words of the song and the words that are sung on the youtube video don't match. The 33 lines after the chorus are sung after the bottom verse. However I'm not sue which one is right. Which ever way it is I'm pleased with the result.
Another cup