Monday, February 23, 2015

economise on paper with Design Space 2

As many of you will be aware I have a Cricut Explore machine. One of the things I loved about the previous Expression 2 and Cricut Craft room was you could put all the pieces on the mat where you wanted them to be because you imported each individually. In Design Space the image come in as complete and sometimes this means a part of a hat and the shoes may be the same colour but when you go to the cut screen you have the hat where the hat is and the shoes where the shoes should be. Great if you are doing layered vinyl but not good on paper saving. I discovered I could use the Slice feature to make this more economical and have done a screen video of this.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thanks to Clever Someday for font

I watched a live broadcast, the lady Kay aka Clever Someday was on and talking about a font she designed that stood up from the page. This intrigued me and as it was free tried to download it but had problems. Well Kay has just sent out an email from her blog, and it is well worth following her blog and also going to try this font. Her blog tells you all about it and how to use it in Design Space so go visit this very clever lady. She asked that if we downloaded the font we shared the info in our groups. Here is my first trial card. It will be for a photo of my grandie but in the meantime I have put in a background where the pic will go. The cards will be for my grandies Great Gran so I love the idea that the name can popup.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello Kitty cards

My DGD today informed me she liked hello Kitty Yay. I have had the Cricut cartridge "Hello Kitty font and Hello Kitty Greeting" since they came out and it is now retired but I do think its cute so to practice I made these 2 cards and one little Hello Kitty.
No they are not on stilts I held them up with tiny pegs so they stood up.

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two Luminary Chalets

These are 2 little luminaries that have a LED candle. they are from Gingerbread houses.

plus hello kitty from Cricut at 2.5 inches high

so cute in the dark as the light shines out the holes in the roof also.

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