Sunday, July 17, 2016

Christmas in July Check out the specials

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Because we can't wait for Christmas we have Christmas in July. So do our Cricut friends. Check out the savings you can get. Remember boxes and cards and Cricut has a Christmas page for you to check out.
There are a lot of cartridges with special Christmas things on but remember cartridges like Sweet tooth boxes and box it up which have lovely little boxes for those special things. Remember Cricut Access is a wonderful gift as well and there are many cartridges being added all the time. Check out the nine dimensional scenes cartridges as well as the nativity scenes. Most of our littlies love frozen but Cricut has just launched Captain America which I know some of the older guys love. If you missed it there is also ‘Disney Villains’ and ‘Whisker Haven tales with the Palace pets’.
Along with old favourites you now have Mermaid Party and Poker Night. Check out the web site for all the cartridges and what is included with Cricut Access.

Have a Great Christmas in July.

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Intricate Cuts from the Cricut Explore Air

As we all know if you want an intricate design then do it in vinyl but I wanted a 3d birdcage! Cricut has recently added a cartridge called vintage Wedding and it has 3 birdcages. I needed one quite small and intricate so I chose the circular one ‪#‎MC8A4E8‬. I did not realize at the first time of cutting the tiny squares that cut on the top layer. I have measured these squares and they measure 0.03 of an inch. If you are writing with cricut pens you will notice they have a .03 pen in their fine pens. When I took the parts off the mat I was amazed at how small these little squares were. Ashish Arora has asked us to show some of the intricate cuts we have done. I used 'Close to my Heart'plain card stock to cut this birdcage and had my explore air set on card stock NO not even 'intricate cut'. The blade I am using is the same blade my Explore air came with and the first time I used this machine -September 2nd 2015. I cut almost daily on this machine so it has had lots of use. Check out these pictures I have taken. The cage stands 6 inches high.

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