Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Card swap

I entered a Card swap. We were given partners and had to send them 3 cards made from the same stamp set. Oh awesome I will use the Snow Swirled I love that set and have just got it it looks so pretty for christmas. Then oh oh my partner is the most awesom cardmaker ever and I haven't been so well and just trying to think of things for her was a headache as she is so good. Well here goes this is what I came up with:-

#1 This is a gatefold card but it is how it opens that is the challenge. It seems a plain card but I find it very pretty

# 2 This is a box card. when closed it mimics the gatefold card but when you open it it is a little box. In the box I have popped up the tree and this sits out from the back of the card and the snowflakes hang from the top of the card into the space in front of the tree. The snowflakes move with just a small breeze so look quite pretty.

# 3 The outside of this card is plain but quite pretty but lift the card and you find the Penguins christmas. Sparkly snow flakes with trees that are popped out from the background and penguins jumping off their perch heading for the island of Seasons Greetings. The penguins were made with punches circles and hearts. The stamp set is Snow Swirled.

Hope you liked the cards.


  1. Flo they are really really good....Julia will love them !

  2. I DID!!!! can't wait to have a go at making some of them although I don't think I would be able to do the first one justice - I don't do straight lines very well! lol Thanks Flo - they made my week!!