Monday, December 17, 2012

Little Thank you bag

I wanted to say thank you to my boss. She generously allowed me to do a study day and worked on the ward so I could go. I wrote her a poem and made her this little box which I put in 4 little bags of multi coloured chocolate drops and 2 coffee bags.
the poem went like this:
To xxxxx
Thank you, doesn’t seem enough,
When you went through, all that stuff
Just so I could say,
“I’ve done a culture safety day”.

I heard you worked into the night,
Because the staffing was so tight,
And then came back at 3am to say,
I’ll help out until its day.

I’ve spent time and made you a gift
In the hope it will give you a lift,
And to let you know, I appreciate
All the trouble you went to, on that date.

Many thanks,

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