Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Decoupage with Design Space and the Cricut Explore

As some of you will know I have the Cricut Explore and have been playing with design space, I came across a pad of decoupage which I have had for some years as I am unable to cut all the pieces as my hands seize up using scissors for any length of time. Well- with the print and cut feature of deign scape I scanned the decoupage pictures, edited them in Picasa, uploaded them into design space sized them to suit and got the print and cut feature to do the work for me. here is the end result.
This is the print To save paper I turned it upside down to print the ear.

finished with no words

finished HB one

Flah on

flash on

so cute

how it cut on the card stock in the explore

. free glitter text and family website at

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