Friday, January 2, 2015

The Barn

After making the Carousel I needed a place to house the horse so I have made a barn. The file is from Santa's village from and I have made it bigger than the recommended size. The bottom is a box which stands 3 in high so is quite big. I love the Barn and my Grandies love playing with horses so I had to make it a bit bigger than the pattern. There were some oops this time as well. I put the card through the embosser but the piece was too big so I folded it. This caused it to break through some of the line. NO PROBLEMO cut another set of barn sides and make them the liner. Dont you just love having the Explore if it goes wrong just cut another one. Well I have taken a few pics this time so hope you can see the embossing on the tree the roof and the barn itself. It sits on a box which is 3. inches high the whole thing is 9.6 inches high.
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