Monday, April 13, 2015

Mistletoe Manor releases beautiful combinations of cards, scrap book pages embellishments and 3d projects. I am a 3d junkie I love things that I need to build. I remember as  very young child making paper houses and when I saw  Mistletoe Manor I fell in love. I am a Close to my heart consultant so I have packs of plane paper which with this project was awesome as I was able to use multiple pieces in the same colour. this project too 30 pieces of card stock and 3 sheets of vellum so it is a big project. The completed box is sitting on a mat whose grid is 12x12 so you can see its relative size. when I started to put it together I had not watch the whole of the video and I would encourage those that want to do this to watch the video all the way through. There are a few changes I have made from the original like the shutters on the 2nd story middle window, butterflies instead of snow and 6 of the pillars are yellow and 4 are blue. this is because I didn't watch the video and know what I was cutting. having said that I love it. Thanks to Mary and Leo from

. free glitter text and family website at

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