Friday, February 12, 2016

Check out Cricut Access

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Some people may wonder why I buy Cricut Access (the new name for the subscription) when I have over 300 cartridges.I love Cricut Access as it allows me to search for the icons I want and have access to them immediately. This also allows me the funds to buy the licenced cartridges which don't come with Cricut Access. I use Design space daily and it is good to have this availability. For those of you who use Design space you will find you use it more with Cricut Access as you have so much more to chose from. Now it has an added bonus if you buy Cricut Access you get 10% off all orders off and design space.

Click here to get access to fonts and projects.

Click here  Sign up for access and get 10% off all orders off and design space.

Cricut's new Access™ subscription helps your readers get the most out of their Cricut® machine. Starting at only $7.99/month, Cricut Access™ members get exclusive benefits, including 10% off all orders on and in Cricut Design Space™! This new subscription service will also allow them to be the first to access new images, projects, and exclusive designs.* Just tell your readers to look for the Access™ icon to find projects and images included in Cricut Access™.

Cricut Access

*The 10% off discount is only applicable on (USA and CAN only) and in Cricut Design Space™. The 10% off cannot be used to purchase or renew Cricut Access™, to purchase Cricut Circle™, or on iOS in-app purchases. This change does not require any action from current subscribers. Terms and Conditions apply. 

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