Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Catch up

Well I seem to have woken up and the year has almost gone. I have been doing a bit more like meeting the awesome couple who own Three Little Whimzee -Juliette and Deon. I asked them if they could bring in the Explore air and wowser they looked into it and did. Yes we had the Cricut Explore air for release at SENZ in Auckland in July. Well since then we have gone to Porirua and the Cricut Explore air machines are selling like hot cakes to hungry people.

I have done 2 retreats with friends and now I am starting Cricut Design Space Education. The Cricut Explore range of machine works on the program Design Space and although it is very easy to use there are heaps of things you can do. I have now got events in Hamilton on the 15th and 16th October and in Wellington on the 29th October. If you are interested in the events go to and click on the calendar tab. There is also quite a bit of info on the website as well as a form for registering if you would like to do a seminar on Design Space.

Some people in Auckland want an event as well so just starting to sort dates. Another exciting thing is that Madge and I are going to Australia Cricut and Craft hunting in Novmber.

I have been doing Joonipers fun fold card Palooza cards and although I have not done all of them yet I am working my way through them. I have done a few other things though like putting up some of my designs in Primrose and they as well as others can upload their Cricut projects and make the ones already there.

 I have been beta testing the android app for design space and it is coming along well.

I'll add some pics of what I have been up to.

Concertina card from DT
my design tag popup surprize card

tag pulled so it shows under the tag

side view

Card in design space where I took the design and placed it on the envelope as well.

both tag popup surprise cards

front of card below

rotational popup card

car box made with print and cut to get the tiger stripes

using design space to print and cut a line drawing

crown box

tea cup card

popup tea cup inside the card. it has a tea bag and spoon as well.

flap fold card

inside of above

Zig zag card

Victorian Hearse from Design Space with coffin

Add caption

coffin with flowers

spiderwebs made of hot glue

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