Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rolled paper broach

Crafters Anonymous has a competition to create a 3D Project (or something 3D), meeting the requirements of something that reminds you of your favourite childhood toy!!! Well maybe not a toy but as a child I played with paper creating things so I thought I would reinact my childhood and without any machines stamps or inks create a broach. It is made solely of rolled paper (and I cheated as I used SU punches to get my shapes to roll, I use to have to cut the shapes) this is some left over scraps from the christmas DSP. A Clasp is on the back and eventually it will be covered with Crystal efects to protect it something we have now that I didn't have then.


  1. oh this is SOOOOOO cool Flo!!! go you!!

  2. Flo this is very very pretty. I want one!! lol. You always come up with some amazing projects. :-)