Saturday, June 13, 2015

Campin Critters

Cricut has many cartridges and as most of you know I have a lot.There are 3 cartridges with critters on Create a critter, Create a critter 2 and Campin Critters. Campin Critters has a number of 3d images on and my sister Madge has decided to do the back pack a few times and hearing she was doing more I thought I would cut one out in Design space. Well first thing I noticed was that design space has 5 icons with the label backpack. OK so in CCR there are 5 pieces no problem BUT WAIT yes there is. the first icon brings in the back of the backpack plus the straps as well as the rest of the backpack so size to suit and its no problem , but the other 4 icons are not needed in design space so if you put the other 4 on you are missing the backpack as the other 4 are the bed roll, the pockets the top and the the bed roll sides. Just be aware in DS you only need the first icon. Now having all that out of the way we get to sizing. The backpack imported at a total height of 3.65 inches. It also comes in as a grouped image, this is so you can resize it in proportion.I sized the grouped image to a height of 17.4 which then tells you when you go to cut you need a 12x24 mat. But what it does it puts it on a 12x24 mat but it just fits inside the 12 inch mark so I happily cut it out on a 12x12 mat. With the bed roll the straps go around it but thinking that this was another little space something could get tucked into I used mini hook and loop dots from CTMH (z1805) $7NZ for 25 which hold the straps closed. I haven't added any dots onto the side pockets yet but I will as they will then close better. The front closes with the tag going into a slot in the backpack and the inside of the backpack can hold quite a bit. The inside dimensions of the backpack I made are 2.5 x 3 x 4.75 the bed roll is 3 x 1.5 so big enough for a small choc bar. The pockets could hold written messages. I do think it is cute and would make a nice male orientated gift. If you look on the side bar of my blog you will find a link to cricut where you can purchase the subscription this is one of the many cartridges which is in the subscription.
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