Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Make it Now Thank Ewe

Playing with the make it now projects I decided t do a thank you card for a friend who bought me some lovely soup when I was sick. The make it now had a Thank Ewe card a pop up one with a sheep that popped up inside. I decided to add the barn as it looked like a barn in the background so used slice and cut out a 2nd then a third barn to put over the inside and outside of the card. The ewe has some intricate cuts and swirls at 3.5 inches but I also made 2 little ones at 1 inch high. I should have thought and selected intricate cuts on the explore but just cut it on card stock but I think it did really well anyway. With the barn I added the window at the top by changing the score line to a cut line and I added the roof to the barn by using rectangles and welding them to the shape i wanted. It comes with its own envelope which I also made.
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